Service fail!

Yesterday our home Internet connection went offline. We've had minor outages before, but usually nothing that a reboot of the router wouldn't fix. But this time the connection went down and stayed down.

This morning I went to the UK Online website to look up the support number that we haven't used, and found this message:

UK Online is now closed

Woops. I had noticed that over the past year, the direct debits from our bank account have become more irregular, until they stopped altogether about five months ago. Woot, free Internet! Except I should have investigated a little more closely...

So now I need to do some research on good ISPs to replace UK Online. Suggestions welcome :)
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There it goes

I had just added £10 to my Oyster card and gone through the barriers at Borough tube station when I dropped the card entering the elevator. It bounced once, twice, then shwoop - right down the crack between the elevator and the floor.

Not even registered. Goodbye £15. At least the attendant who saw it happen rang Archway and had them let me out, that was decent of him.

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I just watched an advert on American television that started out "What if every ATM was free..."


You mean they CHARGE you for getting your own money out of the bank!? How very uncivilised.
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It's dead.

Laptop went belly-up last night. Or, more specifically, the video hardware. The BIOS screen has an ugly hash of colour covering the screen, and it bluescreens when it tries to boot into Windows GUI. I think Gotita did it - she loves to

It had a good life - we bought it at least seven years ago. So long ago that I can't even remember when. It's traveled quite a bit and it's been a pretty decent home cinema too. It's become slower and slower over the past few years, to the point that I'm not too disappointed it's finally dead. Time for a replacement!

It's been at least seven years since I last looked over laptop hardware, so it's time to get re-acquainted with what's new. ZOMG, ASUS makes about a hundred different models...

On a completely separate topic, we're absolutely loving the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast from It's historynerdtastic!
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Just got tickets for A Flea in Her Ear, ending its run at the Old Vic in just a couple of weeks. Been meaning to go see this for quite some time, but never got around to it. Will be a nice birthday weekend activity for pitufina!
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